Excellent Animal Care at Wags & Tails Veterinary Clinic

The first time I went to Wags and Tails was to bring in a rescue dog straight from picking him up from the streets (with the assistance of CARA Welfare Philippines because I could not have done it on my own). The dog was old and limping because one of his forelegs was swollen and wounded. He wasn’t used to being collared and caged so he became really agitated and feisty when we got him.  I have been feeding him in the streets for weeks and that was the first time I heard him growl.

I worried how we would be able to help him further if he would be uncooperative like that. Fortunately, the wonderful people at Wags and Tails expertly handled him. They knew how to deal with scared animals and they understood that he wasn’t used to the new surroundings and people. They tested him for distemper (negative, thankfully since this is a highly infectious disease), administered rabies vaccine and took an x-ray of his limping foreleg. The doctor explained to me well what was done and what more needed to be done.

I left Brownie (yes, I love classic names) under the care of the vets at Wags and Tails until his limp gets better. On occasional visits, I’ve seen that there’s always improvements in his condition. The wound and swelling on his limp are healing nicely. Brownie also looks relaxed now.

Because I really love the way they took care of Brownie, I also brought my cat there for his vaccinations. My cat turns into an angry tiger whenever he’s someplace new but they were able to give him his shots anyway.

Wags and Tails offers reasonable rates, maintains clean premises and has good facilities. Conveniently for me, they accept credit card payments. There’s also ample parking space and it is situated near a lot of other restaurants and cafes in case clients want to make a sidetrip. Most importantly, I trust the veterinarians and animal handlers there to be calm, competent and gentle with my pets while giving them proper medical treatment.

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