Just Another Animal Rescue

Against my better judgment, I picked up a dirty, weak and limp little kitten from the sidewalk along Singalong Street, Manila.

At first I had thought it was dead. But upon closer inspection (big mistake that was), I saw that it was still breathing. I wanted to cry. I thought really hard for a moment. I was on my way to CARA Clinic to do some tasks.  There are a lot of animals there and kitten has yet to be checked if he has anything contagious. No nearby vets were open since it’s a holiday weekend. And if kitten eventually turned out ok, CARA Clinic is already full. And. Our house is already full, too. All in all, it was one heck of an inconvenience.

But I imagined him being left there to suffer and slowly die under the heat of the sun. It broke my heart.  I was certain the chances were slim that anyone would pick up a sick and dirty kitten.  I got some tissue so that I could place him in a cloth bag without touching him. At least he looked comfortable. I half-wished he would painlessly pass away in the comfort of my bag. Haha.

I went to CARA Clinic and left him near the entrance away from the other animals. Got done with my business there and… two hours later, he was still breathing. I asked around and thankfully found a vet hospital open near my house in San Juan.

And so I brought kitten to Pet Project, which turns out to be a huge place. Doc Riza immediately attended to my sick kitten. I loved how she took care of my dirty and stinky baby. I was half-ashamed that he pooped and dirtied himself even more on the way to Pet Project. But Doc Riza didn’t mind. They immediately put an IV needle on his tiny foreleg to treat him for dehydration. The cage setup they prepared for him was too cute. They placed a heating pad under some towels and put it under a warm lamp. Kitten’s temperature was low and they had to bring up his body heat. Lifeless kitten actually gained a bit of life, woke up and took a look around. (As always, I forgot to take a photo because I was worrying too much about kitten’s health, about my growing pet population, and about the prospect of more vet bills.)

And since I’m planning to leave my other pets to board there, too, when I go on a trip in a few days, Doc Riza was kind enough to give me a tour of the place.  I repeat myself.  Pet Project is huge.  So much breathing space for humans and animals.  I am so glad I found this place. Boarding rates are reasonable. And if you want to go classy and rent a whole room for your pet, that’s also an option.  I am really glad I found this place.

“My family is not confined to  mother, mate, and child; but it includes all creatures be they tame or wild; my family upon this earth includes all living things, on land, or in the ocean deep, or borne aloft on wings.” ~ Alicia S. Carpenter 

Update: November 4, 2014

Sadly, the little kitten I named Tiger passed away early this morning.  He was too weak.  I feel a little guilty because I did not even get to touch or pet him much.  I was worried he had something infectious when it might have simply been a bad case of neglect.  The passing of every creature makes me sad.  But it comforts me to know that he was taken cared of in his last days.

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Excellent Animal Care at Wags & Tails Veterinary Clinic

The first time I went to Wags and Tails was to bring in a rescue dog straight from picking him up from the streets (with the assistance of CARA Welfare Philippines because I could not have done it on my own). The dog was old and limping because one of his forelegs was swollen and wounded. He wasn’t used to being collared and caged so he became really agitated and feisty when we got him.  I have been feeding him in the streets for weeks and that was the first time I heard him growl.

I worried how we would be able to help him further if he would be uncooperative like that. Fortunately, the wonderful people at Wags and Tails expertly handled him. They knew how to deal with scared animals and they understood that he wasn’t used to the new surroundings and people. They tested him for distemper (negative, thankfully since this is a highly infectious disease), administered rabies vaccine and took an x-ray of his limping foreleg. The doctor explained to me well what was done and what more needed to be done.

I left Brownie (yes, I love classic names) under the care of the vets at Wags and Tails until his limp gets better. On occasional visits, I’ve seen that there’s always improvements in his condition. The wound and swelling on his limp are healing nicely. Brownie also looks relaxed now.

Because I really love the way they took care of Brownie, I also brought my cat there for his vaccinations. My cat turns into an angry tiger whenever he’s someplace new but they were able to give him his shots anyway.

Wags and Tails offers reasonable rates, maintains clean premises and has good facilities. Conveniently for me, they accept credit card payments. There’s also ample parking space and it is situated near a lot of other restaurants and cafes in case clients want to make a sidetrip. Most importantly, I trust the veterinarians and animal handlers there to be calm, competent and gentle with my pets while giving them proper medical treatment.

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The Biggest Challenge at the Guerilla Race 2014 – 21k Panther Edition

happy pics before race officials questioned me in front of elite runner to appease her
happy pics before race officials questioned me in front of elite runner to appease her

Dear Guerilla Race Organizers,

I came in THIRD at the 21k race finish line but an elite runner claimed she was the one who really finished third. Guerilla Race officials decided to question me and test my memory of the obstacles, routes, roads, “clubhouse”, etc. I encountered along the way.  It was explained to me that elite runner was part of the top three that ALWAYS won their races.  I had to prove myself and i failed. Although I frequently double-checked and asked for directions from race marshals along the route, perhaps I missed a turn. Fortunately for Guerilla Race organizers, I had no intention of being dishonest during your “interview”.

Perhaps trying to not get lost along the course was all part of the challenge.

I just wonder… why was I the only one required to prove myself? Why were the others not questioned also, even just for the impression of fairness? Should non-elite runners really expect this kind of treatment? Is this the fair and impartial system implemented for all your past and future guerilla races?

I paid for 21k so that I could run 21k regardless of whether I won something or not. If I wanted a shortcut, I would have signed up for 5k. I completed all my obstacles and incurred no burpee penalties. If I missed a turn, then there were not enough signs and marshals along the way. And if you listed me in third place, the verification should not have been done at my INCONVENIENCE only.

After all, I had already been shortchanged for the 21k course I paid for.

Perhaps more money should be spent on the betterment of the race course for all instead of on the awarding of hefty cash prizes to the few.

I wish I could send you back my finisher’s medal and shirt without further inconveniencing myself.


21k Registered Runner

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